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Code Club ECOS Ballymena

Coder Ninjas   


Registration is now open for our Summer Code Camps.  Our Code Camps will run Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm for 5 weeks, specifically designed for children aged 8 to 12 years.  We will teach a variety of classes covering a mixture of Scratch, Minecraft Modding, Python, Raspberry Pi etc. (Scroll down for a description of each class). Each day will be different and we will have lots of fun, making new friends and learning core computer skills.  (Please bring a snack and something to drink.)


BOOK NOW – £85 per week / £22 per day.

(Sibling Discount Available)

Contact us now for further details or to reserve a place, as places are limited.

We provide fun filled coding classes for kids!

Coder Ninjas is an exciting new computer code club with classes at The Ecos Centre, Ballymena, we are passionate about teaching kids computer programming.  Our fun filled Code Club Ballymena, can now offer kids various after schools, evening and weekend programming courses in our own dedicated classroom.


At Coder Ninjas we want to give children the opportunity to discover, learn, create and understand the technology of today. We want to teach children to become digitally literate at a level suitable for the future workplace, so that they can become active participants in our digital world.

Teaching coding puts children in control of the computer and lets them learn through experimentation, mastering concepts such as logic and consequences. 

It can also be a lot more fun than traditional ICT lessons, which typically revolve around using Word and PowerPoint. Instead of running apps and games other people have created for us, our code club classes teach children how to create tomorrow’s software.

Please contact us now to book a place in our code club or Summer Camp in The Ecos Centre, Ballymena, there is a maximum of 10 pupils per tutor per class.

*Free Class only available to students attending Coder Ninjas for the first time.  Unfortunately the free class does not apply to Summer Code Camps.

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WK1 Mon 16/07/18 – Fri 20/07/18 10AM – 1PM
WK2 Mon 23/07/18 – Fri 27/07/18 10AM – 1PM
WK3 Mon 30/07/18 – Fri 03/08/18 10AM – 1PM
WK5 Mon 20/08/18 – Fri 24/08/18 10AM – 1PM
  • For 8 To 12 Year Olds

After Schools, Evening & Weekend Computer Programming Classes

Coder Ninjas teach Scratch, Javascript, Python & Raspberry Pi



Classes running up to and including Sat 16th June .

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Saturday
Age : P4 – P5
5.30pm – 6.30pm
Age : P4 – P5
4pm – 5pm
No Class on 2nd May
Minecraft Modding 
Age :  P5 – P7
10am – 11am
No Class on 5th May
Minecraft Modding
Age : P5 – P7
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Minecraft Modding
Age : P5 – P7
6pm – 7pm
No Class on 2nd May
Raspberry Pi 
Age : P6 – Yr8
11am – 12pm
No Class 5th May
Age : P4 – P5
11am – 12pm
No Class 5th May
Raspberry Pi
Age : P6 – Yr8
7.30pm – 8.30pm
Raspberry Pi
Age : P6 – Yr8
7.15pm – 8.15pm
No Class on 2nd May 
Minecraft Modding 
Age : P5 – P7
12pm – 1pm
No Class on 5th May

ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATE – On completion of each course we will award our students with achievement certificates.

* Free Class only available to students attending Coder Ninjas for the first time.  Unfortunately the free class does not apply to Summer Code Camps.

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Put The Power Of Coding Into The Hands Of Children

Coder Ninjas – Background

Coder Ninjas was born out of a passion to teach children the language of our world.

I am a mother with two children, my son is 9 and my daughter is 13. They are growing up in a radically different world to the one I knew when I was a child.  My children love to use technology – play computer games, surf the internet and engage with desktop and mobile devices. Sometimes I am amazed at the speed that new technology finds its way into their hands. As a parent I have often scolded them for spending too long playing the xbox or ipad – I think this is a common problem in most households!

I am a computer programmer and through discussions with my children I soon realized that they did not understand this part of the world around them, how it worked nor did they know that they themselves could actually create this technology!

So through this determination to give my children a solid foundation and a head start and by using their passion for technology to teach them – Coder Ninjas was born.

I have found that children enjoy coding when they are programming around things that they find fun and are interested in, this in turn ignites an interest in coding. My son and daughter were introduced to coding by writing Python code to ‘Mod Minecraft’ using a Raspberry Pi.

Through Coder Ninja’s I want to introduce other children to coding and give them the opportunity to discover, learn, create and understand the technology of today. I want to make programming fun and challenging for them by incorporating project based learning, hands on coding sessions, pair programming, group projects, code challenges and fun coding events.

At Coder Ninja’s, kids are not just learning to code, they are coding to learn. In addition to learning mathematical and computational ideas (such as variables and conditionals) they are also learning strategies for solving problems, designing projects and communicating ideas. All activities will support and complement the National Curriculum.  Computing, now part of schooling around the world, is now becoming a crucial element to a rounded STEM education.

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Why Your Child Should Learn To Code

Coding is the new literacy

Computer science is the new language of the world, and it’s also one of the fastest growing occupations. Give your child a chance to both be well paid in the future and also to do some of the more interesting and challenging jobs likely to be around.

Connected devices are already reshaping our world

In about twenty years, an inability to code or at least to understand logical thinking to some level will be just as crippling as illiteracy and innumeracy is today.

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Kids learn better and faster when they’re young

Teaching your child how to code when they are still young is important, because kids have an easier time learning skills than adults do – their minds are flexible and open, and learning code is like learning a language, far easier when you are young.

Given the sheer pace of innovation and the growing connectedness of our devises, houses, workplaces and potentially ultimately bodies, it makes sense to take advantage of the natural inclination that children have to learn faster and better when they are younger. I’m not just talking about coding in and of itself, but also logic-based thinking – ‘procedural literacy’, which is an ability to think about and understand processes in the world.

Coding is creativity unleashed

Another benefit of teaching kids how to code is that it builds their confidence and creativity and provides the tools to create a world of limitless possibilities, where they can build their own paths and solutions in their own way. Overall, coding is a very empowering skill.

Just like art and craft is a way to express creativity, coding can be a highly engaging, fun and empowering skill for kids today. There are some platforms, like Scratch, that teach kids how to code in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they are stuck in a classroom learning something they don’t want to. They start out by playing games, and if the child doesn’t like a particular aspect of the game, they can modify it to their preference by rewriting the code. They are also able to find games or apps that other kids have modified, and they can add their own spice to them if they want to. Finding a toolset that allows Finding a toolset that allows kids to utilise what I know to be their most amazing skill – virtually limitless imagination, is one of the best aspects of helping them learn coding.

Problem solving and critical thought

As discussed briefly above, learning coding techniques also helps children to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving processes that are not only important in computer science, but also in life. It teaches them how to look at the bigger picture, and to break down big challenges into smaller and more manageable tasks. Other than just relying on environmental perception, they are able to make logical connections which will help them learn how to properly analyse different situations. This type of skill is necessary for everyone to have, not just those who want to pursue software engineering in the future. Other than it being professionally applicable, it also helps one to achieve big and overwhelming goals in their lives. You get to think of the smaller steps you need to take in order to get you closer to your goals, which gives you more drive and focus.

The wonders of storytelling through code

Learning how to code is also going to help your children develop fluidity in their thinking. Coding is sequential – it’s telling a story, where you need to know what to write and why one thing follows the other in a particular order.  Most programming languages designed for kids use games to teach them how to code, and this requires them to follow (or even better create) a story line or sequence as they play and code.  We use Scratch which is a fantastic language that’s fun for kids to learn.  As you can see below, Scratch is almost like a game platform and builds the foundations for Python which is the language used by Google, Netflix, Dropbox and hundreds of other international technology companies.


Scratch is very popular with kids, as it offers a fair amount of control and is also based around storytelling and creativity, with a rich visual language that kids love.

Beyond platforms like Scratch there are lots of programmable devices (drones, robots, Arduino platforms etc) that allow kids the ability to both control and influence the world around them in creative and fun ways – all pretty amazing for teaching how amazing coding can be as a skill in the internet of everything.

Find Out More!

Curriculum Based


Lesson Plans follow the UK Curriculum & improve STEM skills. Our syllabus teaches valuable core coding skills.

Skills For Life

coderdojo-kids-programming-northern ireland

With the rapid growth in technology, online and web based business, we believe that coding is a skill for life.

Meet New Friends


Coder Ninjas after schools club provides a great social environment for children to make friends and have fun.

Lessons Are Fun


We believe children enjoy learning, if they are having fun. Our lessons keep kids interested using Minecraft and games.

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Coder Ninjas was set up by Barbara McCann – Senior Software Developer / Director


Bsc Joint Hons Degree Computer Science & Business Administration

Queens University, Belfast

12 years professional experience as a Senior Computer Programmer/ Systems Analyst

ISB Belfast City Council

Enhanced DBS (CRB) disclosures


Barbara has a passion for coding and believes that learning to code is fun as you can get instant results, it is also creative – perhaps the first science that combines art, logic, storytelling and business. Not only that, coding is a fantastic skill for life. It strengthens logical thinking and problem-solving skills – vital in many different areas of life, from science and engineering to medicine and law. The number of jobs that require coding is set to increase dramatically in the future, and there’s already a shortage of good coders. Learn to code, and the digital world is yours for the taking!

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Why Coder Ninjas?

“Having worked for 12 years as a Senior Programmer and as a mother of 2 kids, this is the best opportunity I would encourage you to give your kids. There is already a global shortage of programmers and with a rapidly expanding IT sector, children who learn code have a great future ahead of them.”

Fun To Learn

CoderDojo Northern Ireland

Skills For Life

CoderDojo Northern Ireland

Invest In Their Future

CoderDojo Northern Ireland


Coder Ninjas is located at –

The ECOS Centre,

Kernohan’s Lane,


BT43 7QA.


Leave the M2 motorway at Junction 11

Follow signs for Ballymena town centre

Turn left at the roundabout – follow the signs for The Ecos Centre.

Get In Touch!

Please get in touch by email or by using the form below if you would like to register your child for a Coder Ninjas class.
We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about Coder Ninjas.

Email:  Barbara@CoderNinjas.com